Here we share some tips/hints and thoughts on contract engineering staffing.

Need Reliable Workers Fast? Try A Contract Staffing Agency

We live in an on-demand society, where almost everything is available with the click of a button and delivered right to our doorsteps. We don’t need to leave our houses to order a movie…or dinner from a local restaurant…or an item from halfway across the world. You can hire on-demand housekeeping and file your taxes online from your couch. If you do need to leave your home for some reason, you can get an Uber or Lyft to take you across town for a fraction of the cost of a cab.

One thing that all of those services have in common is a gatekeeper that acts as a liaison between the consumer and the service. When you need a ride, you (hopefully) don’t just hop into a stranger’s car – you book an Uber through the verified app. When you order a product online, you do so via Amazon or eBay. You don’t turn on your TV and browse through every low-budget slasher film ever made – you get a curated selection of low-budget slasher films provided by Netflix.

A reputable contract staffing agency provides a similar service, but with contract labor.

There are lots of skilled candidates looking for short-term work, and there are lots of companies looking to hire them. The problem is, when left to their own devices, these two groups might not cross paths. A skilled candidate might settle for the first contract he or she is offered, rather than the best one. Hiring managers often do the same thing but in reverse. A good contract staffing agency assesses prospective employees and matches them up with the right position for their talents, rather than the first open position.

Because of the on-demand nature of our economy, clients and bosses often expect immediate results. Suboptimal recruitment becomes even more pronounced when hiring managers are up against a tight deadline, but this can also be avoided by outsourcing time-sensitive recruitment to a contract staffing agency. Specialized staffing companies typically have a network of skilled, qualified talent to call upon, making it easy and efficient to source quality hires quickly.

Whether you are looking for an extra set of hands for a big project or a skilled, location-independent remote tech help, contract staffing agencies are a great way for hiring managers to secure vetted, qualified contract workers in a timely manner.

How Contract Engineering Firms Help Mid-Sized Organizations

From insightful blogs to helpful video tutorials, there are thousands of free resources for business owners and hiring managers available on the internet. The content addresses all sorts of topics and varies significantly in quality, but one thing is consistent across the board – the vast majority of advice is tailored to people running small businesses or departments in massive corporations. Mid-sized companies are often ignored, even though these businesses form the backbone of our economy.

Successful mid-sized companies often find themselves caught between two worlds, as business owners need to juggle the demands of competing against the big players in their industry while controlling fewer resources and using a limited workforce. Let’s face it, your company probably doesn’t always have access to the same tools (or same accountants/lawyers) as your multi-national Fortune 500 competition.

Here are a few ways how contract engineering firms can help you bridge the gap:

Contract engineering firms make project-based hiring easier

Smaller companies mostly take on projects that are manageable with their in-house team. Larger corporations have a massive workforce at their disposal and can handle anything clients send their way. They might even have their own pipeline of contract engineers on call.

Mid-sized businesses like yours fall somewhere in the middle. You probably have a limited number of employees like a small business but also need to take on larger clients and projects in order to stay competitive. When the big project is long-term, you can just hire a full-time engineer to join your team…but what happens if the project is only 6 months? In these situations, contract engineering firms can help you source the right short-term engineers for the job.

Contract engineering firms know how to evaluate technical skills

Your HR department is great, but how much do they really know about engineering? If the answer is “not much”, then you might find it tough to secure the right engineer for the job. Specialized contract engineering firms know how to assess engineering skills and evaluate candidates, which can speed up the hiring process.

Contract engineering firms save you money

Think about how much time and money your team spends hiring employees – odds are, a contract engineering firm cost less. By sourcing the right contract engineer efficiently, specialized firms save you money and help you tackle big projects (which can lead to more big projects in the future).

How To Find The Right Contract Engineering Companies

Every hiring manager in the country wants the best engineers working on their project, but finding and securing the right talent can be a much tougher task than it seems. For people with an HR background, assessing engineers for short term contracts is tough.

Engineers have specialized skills that don’t necessarily translate to a conventional resume, and (although this is a broad overgeneralization) are not always the best at selling their skills and abilities. Specialized contract engineering companies can help bridge the gap, but this leads to a new problem – how do you find the right one?

Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your list of contract engineering companies to only the ones best able to fill your open position.

Look for specialists

Not all engineering jobs are the same. If you are hiring a for a specific type of job or skillset, try to look for contract engineering companies that have placed similar positions before. Most companies will have a section for open jobs on their website – if the positions advertised are similar to yours then the company is likely to have experience in the area.

Do your research

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, there is a wealth of public information available with just a few clicks of a button. It is usually pretty easy to find 3rd party reviews and testimonials online. Checking in on the company’s social media accounts and blog can paint a pretty helpful picture too.

Rely on recommendations

Public reviews and testimonials are great, but recommendations from trusted sources are even better. If you know of a hiring manager that frequently works with contract engineering companies, consider giving him or her a call to see if they can point you in the right direction.

Think critically

When something appears too good to be true, that’s often because it is. This is particularly relevant when dealing with companies remotely via the internet. Be wary of contract engineering companies that promise the world with no indication they can deliver or are vague about their pricing.

Ask questions

Of course, the best way to evaluate contract engineering companies is to reach out to some of the recruiters directly with your questions. You want people that are friendly and easy to work with, but also knowledgeable about engineering in general, and your project specifically.