Contract Engineering Services

What are Contract Engineering Services?

Contract Engineering Services is an arrangement wherein a 3rd party provides contract engineering services (like EXPECT) to a client company for a specific period of time (3, 6, 12 months), at a specified hourly “Bill Rate”. And while contract engineering services are for a set period of time, the contract can be renewed.

In traditional employee-employer relationships, companies hire individuals directly, who then become full time employees. But with contractor engineering services, a number of work models are employed to suit the overall needs of your organization as well as the contractor.

If you’re a company that is looking for flexible ways to fill skillset gaps within your organization, partnering with a contract engineering services provider like Expect is a great option.

What to Consider?

Your need for contract engineering services will largely depend on the nature of your project requirements. Software companies for example, want to find seasoned and skilled developers that are experienced in the software code & frameworks they use. Defense contractors may be seeking employees with security clearances, and US citizenship.

Contract engineering services can fill in such voids as they generally have access to a wide database of contract employees that fits these specifications. You might also want to consider other factors such as:

  • Scope of the work, length of assignment, subject matter expertise requirements, etc.
  • Opportunity costs of hiring an employee vs. contractor
  • Ability to fund and maintain contractual staff within your organization
  • Your long-term, as well as short-term staffing needs, business goals, and market conditions

When to Hire a Contractor?

A contract engineering services can provide contractors should work closely with you and your management in order to first define the requirements. This includes scope of work, services provided, bill rate, and so on. Contract engineering services are very beneficial when:

  • It is no longer feasible for your company to maintain your own HR staff, since they handle most of the paperwork involved in recruitment and staffing. This leaves you and your managers free to tend to other tasks, projects, and pursuits.
  • You have an open position for a job of a specialized nature or require multiple skilled workers for a specific job that is not long lasting nor something that your business handles continually.
  • You only need a particular set of workers to complete a specified task or during a particular season.
  • Hiring a long-term employee(s) isn’t economically feasible, or due to location, a contractor is the only option to fill your needs.
Contract Engineering Services
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How our Engineering Recruiters can help your company?

Organizations that use engineering recruiters like EXPECT build an engineering advantage with intellectual property and expertise they can leverage in a competitive market.

  • We are an end to end resource provider, equipped to handle all kinds of staffing requirements from engineering-based companies.
  • We solve your engineering recruiting challenges by identifying engineers with domain expertise and technical skills to empower your workforce.
  • We constantly refresh our databases of available engineering resources, helping organization’s plug key workforce gaps in the shortest timeframes.

Still not convinced?

As an engineering-centric company, your key products and services will always revolve around the skills, expertise, and innovation of your engineering team.

Engineers are empowering companies to grow their market share by helping them develop better products, improve operational efficiencies, reduce time to market, and deliver services to customers in a better manner. That’s why leading engineering recruiters like EXPECT are highly valued by companies across the globe.

The quality of your engineering team is instrumental in defining how quickly you can respond to market challenges, can create new product prototypes, can manufacture products cheaper and better than competitors, and can create customer loyalty by delivering quality technical service atop your products. With so much to gain from engineering artillery in your company, it’s imperative that you hire smarter, faster, and with greater success than competitors, by partnering with dependable engineering recruiters like EXPECT.

Reviews of our Engineering Recruiting Services

I found Chris via Google Search. We needed to source and hire quality candidates and he has delivered! He is very knowledgeable about the job market and the best approach finding qualified, desirable candidates. He created a solution for our company and delivered results. Plus he’s super easy to work with and he understands the challenges we face filling open positions.

HR Manager
Transportation Engineering Consultancy

Our experience with Expect Technical Staffing has been nothing but pleasant. Chris delivered quality and professional candidates in a timely manner. His urgency with every matter does not go unnoticed. I highly recommend this staffing agency to anyone looking for assistance in their onboarding process.

Autonomous Driving Tech Start Up

Chris introduced great candidates to our company. The process is professional and efficient.

Autonomous Driving Tech Start Up

We enlisted the services of Expect Technical Staffing after a key contributor left our team. We were concerned about finding a candidate with the skillset required to be successful in this position. We discussed our concerns about finding the right skill set and personality to fit the role and our company. Within the first few weeks of enlisting Chris’s services we had several well qualified candidates. We were able to upgrade the skill set in the position with one of the candidates that Chris brought to us. We will defiantly use Expect Technical Staffing in the future for any technical staffing needs.

Sr. Technical Support Manager
RF Equipment Manufacturer

Chris from Expect Technical Staffing was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was professional, communicated promptly and courteously, responded honestly to our questions and concerns and more importantly did NOT send us unqualified candidates to review/interview. Chris carefully vetted and only sent candidate resumes which fit our specific criteria (senior level engineer with technical expertise/experience in public works projects). Chris definitely delivered! I highly recommend Chris and Expect Technical Staffing and would absolutely work with him and and his firm in the future for our staffing needs.

Contracts and Accounting Manager
Civil Engineering Firm

Our company is a niche civil / structural engineering firm with an office in Colorado. Our best engineer left unexpectedly and we had a big project deadline coming up. EXPECT found us a contractor that started immediately and allowed us to continue moving forward. We loved his candidate so much that last week we made him a full-time employee offer, and he accepted. Thank you EXPECT for helping us!

Civil/Structural Engineering Firm

We had a need for some Engineers at our company, and Expect Technical Staffing helped us not only source some wonderful candidates, but also provided us with a superb service experience. We will definitely be using Expect Technical Staffing for all our future hiring needs.

Director of Human Resources
Structural Engineering Firm

When using Expect Technical Staffing, Chris Specht proved to be a successful and professional recruiter. He listened to our company’s needs and willingly worked to adjust his search to find the right person for the job. The level and quality of communication throughout the process was perfect.

Human Resources Manager
Civil Engineering Consultancy

We began working with Chris at Expect Technical Staffing in March, 2018. We had several openings for technical people to join our Software team and this is an area where candidates are quite scarce. Chris came to our office to meet with our team and receive the additional job specifications and get to know the company. Chris has been able to identify several great candidates for us to review. He does a good job at vetting candidates based on our criteria and tweaks things when we give additional feedback. I appreciate that Chris really researches the candidates and doesn’t just send over 100 resumes which is what some recruiters do (and as a result I don’t work with them). After going through an extensive interview process we were able to make offers to several of the candidate’s Chris sent to us. We still have several other candidates from Chris in our pipeline and suspect we’ll have more offers soon and be able to close the job requisitions. Chris is very easy to work with, does follow up when appropriate but is not overly aggressive which I greatly appreciate. His fees are very reasonable as well. I enjoy working with Chris and highly recommend him to any firm looking for technical hires.

Vice President Human Resources
Biotechnology Company