How to Find the Right Contract Software Engineer for Your Business

How to Find the Right Contract Software Engineer for Your Business

How to Find the Right Contract Software Engineer for Your Business

A generation ago, the only people hiring contract software engineers were tech companies that developed software as a core aspect of their business. Since then, the world has increasingly digitized, and just about every kind of business imaginable is reliant on proprietary software of some kind.

Own a restaurant? A branded app can help you attract new business and compete with 3rd party delivery services. Running a hair salon? A booking app can help you manage your clients. Need to update your website architecture, enhance your cybersecurity, and migrate vital data to the cloud? You might need custom software too.

A contract software engineer is a great way for companies that exist outside of the tech space to access the required skills and insights to make these projects happen. The talent is certainly out there, but sometimes it can be difficult to find.

Here are a few quick tips for narrowing down your search:

Ask for Referrals from Your Network

You might not know any software engineers personally, but there’s a good chance that someone you know does. In today’s tech-savvy world you are rarely more than a few degrees of separation from a Python expert or app development whiz.

It’s important to note that software engineering skews young – adjust your search accordingly. Your college-aged nephew who works at the grocery store might have a friend who just graduated with a computer science degree.

Try Your Luck with Social Media

Social media can be a great resource for finding talent, as it’s like a personal network on steroids. Platforms like Facebook are great for finding a diamond in the rough contract software engineer like the recent grad mentioned in the example above. Networking sites like LinkedIn offer a bit more of a refined, employment-centric resource.

Check Job Boards

If you’re looking for a contract software engineer, it’s always a good idea to check Indeed and other job boards, where a posting can potentially reach thousands of qualified applicants. The exposure is great but be warned – there is a lot of competition on these boards making it tough to recruit skilled engineers.

Consult with a Pro

If your searches for a contract software engineer keep coming up empty it might be time to bring in an outside set of eyes. Most recruitment agencies will provide an introductory consultation free of charge. Consider taking them up on the offer to see how they can help you in your search.


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