Engineering Contracting is Growing in Popularity. Here are a Few Reasons Why:

Engineering Contracting is Growing in Popularity. Here are a Few Reasons Why:
Engineering Contracting is Growing in Popularity. Here are a Few Reasons Why:

Contract engineering positions used to be difficult to fill. Skilled engineers wanted the stability of a regular 9-5 job. Businesses wanted the dependability of a long-term employee.

Engineering contracting was primarily used for entry-level positions at the bottom and high-priced consultants at the top. There wasn’t much in the middle. Evaluating Engineering Temp Agency Credentials.

That has changed in a major way. Today, there is both a huge demand for contract engineering and a huge pool of engineers ready to work on a contract basis. It’s a great time to hire an engineer and a great time to find work.

Here are a few reasons why:

Contracting has exploded in popularity

It’s not just engineering that has seen this rise. Across the board, skilled workers are more willing to take on contract work. The tech sector, sticking with its mandate to disrupt and innovate established industries, has been a big driver of this change.

Twenty years ago, the prospect of $100/hr for contract work was unheard of, or at least incredibly rare. Silicon Valley changed that.

COVID-19 opened people’s eyes

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of engineering projects got shut down and a lot of full-time employees lost their jobs. At the same time, companies began to undergo digital transformation on a massive scale, and remote work became the norm in many industries.

Engineers in general, and software engineers in particular, took notice. Once they realized they could do more of their work remotely, the prospect of engineering contracting became pretty enticing. On that note…

Remote work changed the industry

Back in the day, if you left a full-time engineering job in Denver you had to either find a new local opportunity or relocate to a new city. Not surprisingly, engineers preferred to hold on to their full-time positions in exchange for stability.

With the rise of remote work, engineering contracting is now seen in a new light. Skilled engineering candidates can accept contract positions from across the country without impacting their family’s daily life. In 2021, engineers can work for clients across the country from right here in Denver – “relocation” is often as simple as moving the computer from the office to the living room.

Engineering contracting is benefiting from this big time, and the industry is better for it.

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